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Prerelease & Release Dates for

Magic and Pokémon

Preorders & Release Dates

for upcoming D&D Releases


Universes Beyond:
Doctor Who

Release October 13, 2023


Release Date 09/22/23

& 10/06/23


Release Date 11/03/23


2023 Releases

Phandelver and Below:

The Shattered Obelisk


Time and again obelisks have cropped

up in our D&D adventures, and now one has been discovered near Phandalin!

We return to the town as a mysterious obelisk releases a monstrous threat

from beneath the earth.

(September 19th, 2023)

Planescape: Adventures in

the Multiverse


Discover Sigil, a city where everyone and everything comes to together—and

where you'll find a realm of wild and

weird planes to explore. This book sets

up our major adventure in 2024.

(October 17th 2023)

The Book of Many Things:

For the first time, we're exploring the

story behind the campaign-rocking

deck of many things.

(Fall/Winter 2023)

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