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D&D and Other RPGs

Dungeons and Dragons dice

We have a large selection of Dungeons & Dragons Books and accessories

including official D&D publications, 3rd party publications from Kobold Press,

Goodman Games, Nord Games, Paizo and others. Other TTRPGs in-store include: Pathfinder 2e, The One Ring, Root and Tales of Xadia.

We also carry a big selection of metal and resin dice, dice from Forged Gaming,

dice vaults, boxes, trays & towers, battle mats, campaign journals, you name it, all available for in-store purchase. We stock everything you need for building and painting Miniatures and Models with a full selection of Minis, Paints, tools and accessories.

Don't forget to check The Vault for our 1st Edition, 1st printing AD&D items and other vintage (and some 5e but hard to find) D&D items!

5.0 Rating

Satisfied Customers

Dungeons and Dragons Events
Love this store! Outstanding customer service, friendly staff, and overall great place to hang out for a bit. Always has a great selection of comics, funkos, and trading cards. Extremely generous pricing compared to other shops in the area! 10/10

- Joey

Went here recently it was a great experience everyone was very nice and was very happy with the selection of Funko pops I will have to come back soon

- Kevin

This place is wonderful! Phenomenal customer service and The employees know what they’re talking about! Whether you have questions about DND Pokémon Magic the gathering etc. The keep is especially great for DND players with a wide variety of books and accessories. Definitely a place to check out!

- Max

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